Q. What is the difference between each artist level?

A. We have four levels of artists. Our ranking system is measured by accomplishments such as training, years of experience (Keys 1-5 years, Leads 3-7 years, Specialists 7+ years, Masters 15+ years), client feedback, versatility, and portfolio. What our level system is NOT, is a ranking system of talent. Hair and makeup artistry is an art and therefore how "good" an artist is in talent is subject to one's opinion and personal style. We strongly believe to be the best you need to always be learning. Versa encourages our artists to continualy participate in ongoing education. Artists that are self-taught and have not received professional training or do not participate in ongoing education are not ranked above Key Artist level at Versa Artistry.

Q. Why should I hire Versa Artistry instead of a freelance artist?

A. Versa Artistry is an Agency for independent hair and makeup artists. By hiring Versa Artistry you are hiring a professional business, not a freelance artist. Why this is important for you is we won't stand you up the day of your event or drop you the week before because something better came up. We work with a contract that protects you and we have a system, and the manpower, for unforeseen circumstances or emergency's that would also protect you so that you're not left without an artist the day of your event.

We take sanitation very seriously.Our artists are held to the highest of standards. We train our artists to use strict sanitation methods. No product is ever double dipped and our artists do not work off the back of their hands. (The last thing you want is someone else's dead skin cells all over your face).

Lead artist level and above are not self proclaimed artists, they have been professionaly trained. Hair artistry is regulated in Utah so all hair artists hold an active license with the state of Utah. This is important for a couple reasons, 1. Our artists are working legally and have passed a test that includes the understanding of sanitation and the spread of disease. and 2. Everyone is professionally trained to work on others not just great at their own makeup or hair which creates a deeper understanding of working with a variety of people, skin types, face shapes and hair lengths and textures.

We advocate continued education and provide education oportunities to our artist which helps push them to always be better, continue to learn new skills and grow creatively from other artists.

Q. I have a wedding party of 12+ that want hair and makeup services. Do I need to find another company or freelance artist in conjunction with Versa to accommodate our large party?

A. We can book multiple artists for you that can work as a team for your event and get large groups of people ready in a shorter amount of time. We take care of everything so you don't have to do any further shopping around. To give you an idea of the kind of capacity we can handle, our biggest day to date we did 94 services between 14 artists on 5 different weddings. Each wedding party only took 4hrs or less to complete.

Q. What do I need to provide for my appointment?

A. For special event appointments on location, all we need is an electric outlet and about 50 sq. ft. of working space per artist. We provide all makeup, including eyelashes and all styling products. We have available upon request a working counter/table, chairs, extra outlets, lights, and a speaker to play music. We recommend to all of our guests that they bring any pictures of inspiration for their hair or makeup services although it is not required.

Q. What products do you use?

A. We've tried and tested dozens of hair and makeup brands and products to create the best kits around. Our hair kits consist of mostly Davines, Kevin Murphy, Kerastase, and Living Proof brand products. Our makeup kits consist of mostly Make Up For Ever, Temptu, Lorac, Urban Decay, Nars, Anastasia, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier and M.A.C. brand products. These brands passed the test of high quality, longevity and high definition

Q. I want to add length to my hair for my hair style and am considering extensions. what is the best type to get?

A. Hair extensions are a great option for special event styles, not only do they provide length but width as well. It is highly recommended to go with clip-in extensions because we can add the hair where needed and remove a clip-in weft if it becomes exposed in a particular area of the style or updo. All other extension options create weight to the root of the hair and make it more challenging to get a good amount of height. Braided and tape in variety make it challenging to get an upward motion of the hair and are therefore the most difficult to work with for updo's.

Q. How far do you travel for on-location services?

A. We are available for travel worldwide. Please inquire via email to discuss customized travel fees.

Q. How early are you available to start an appointment?

A. We are available for appointments 24/7 we do not charge any additional fees for starting before or after regular business hours.